Location: Hambden Nursery 9131 Kile Road, Chardon OH 44024

Chairperson:  Kathy Heintel 4374 Austin Road Geneva Ohio 44041-7711  440 724-6677.

Test Secretary (mail entries to):  Michelle Keehn 1649 O’Brien Road, Mayville, MI 48744-9405.  989 325-1738

WD Test Supervisor: Laurea Griggs (GA) 440 271-8608


WD:  Vonnie Peterson (OH) & Marilyn Richards (OH),  Linda O’Leary (OH) & Ken Hrabak (OH)
WDX:  Bruce Smith (OH) & Molly Boland (OH)
WDQ:  Dave Phillips (OH) & Bob Bush (PA)

Start Time: WD noon, WDX noon, WDQ noon. Check-in starting at 11:30 am.  A Test dog will run prior to the start of each Stake with a short discussion from the Judges.  The WDQ will run at completion of the WDX. **Note-- The WD will start first.  Land and water will run simultaneous. Each dog will run the Land, if they pass they will take their signed paper and go immediately to the water area. There are 4 judges for the WD.  Two judges will be setup on land and two others at the water, at the same time. There will be a large entry and we need to complete all three stakes in one day. The WDX will run simultaneous with the WD and WDQ.   The WDQ will run simultaneous with the WD and WDX. The grounds do not allow live birds, there will be no shot fliers for these test. All birds will be dead mallard ducks in all stakes both land and water.

Please have your dogs aired and ready to go before it's your turn to be called to the holding blind. All dogs must be kept on lead when not running and must be kept back by the vehicles where they cannot see any of the tests being run.

Fees:  ACC Members - $55 for each stake.  Non-Members - $65 for each stake. Owner of the dog entered must be an ACC member by Entry Deadline to use the member fee.

Entries by Pre-Registration only.  Entry Forms are at amchessieclub.org  under the heading WORKING DOG CERTIFICATION PROGRAM. http://www.amchessieclub.org/WD/WD-X-Q.html

On the left side of the page there is an option to download and complete the entry form.  Entry Form (type right on it, print and mail)

Mail Entry Form along with a check or money order made payable to the ACC to:
Michelle Keehn 1649 O’Brien Road, Mayville, MI 48744-9405.

Questions regarding the entries contact Laura Griggs (GA) 440 271-8608

Deadline for Entries:  Wednesday, June 27, 2018- US Mail preferred.  Waive signature on all overnight couriers. Mail your entry far enough ahead so it is received with payment by the deadline date. No phone or email entries.

**Note –Bitches in season cannot run and are not to be aired on the grounds of tests or parking lot areas.  Refunds are available. See the instructions in the WD Rules. Please notify us in writing in advance if you need to cancel an entry.

Running Order: a Draw and Running Order will be posted on the 2018 National Website and facebook page:  nss2018amchessieclub.squarespace.com and www.facebook.com/ACCNSS2018, on or before July 6, 2018.  Please Download and Print your copy of the typed Catalog/Running Order. Copies of the Catalog will not be available at the WD for handouts.

WD/X/Q Rules:  You can download copies from the ACC Website.  Please read through these rules before the day of the test. The judges will go over the basic rules with everyone quickly before the start of the stake and you can ask a few questions then if needed. Email or call Kathy Heintel 440 724-6677 or Laura Griggs (GA) 440 271-8608 ahead of time if you need help understanding any of the procedures or have questions regarding the entry form. Please take time to read through the requirements and procedures in advance of the tests.  This will help you and your dog to be successful and not fail due to handler error. One important rule to remember is you cannot send your dog until you hear the Judge call your number....

Requirements:  (download complete info for each stake listed below)
WD:  back to back singles on land and water.  No handling allowed.
WDX:  a double on land and a double on water, dogs must be steady and deliver to hand.  No handling allowed. Controlled break allowed if needed.
WDQ:  a double on land, a land blind, a water blind and a combination triple with two birds in water/one on land. Dogs must be steady and deliver to hand. Controlled break allowed if needed.

Driving:  From the Showgrounds to the Hambden Nursery is 22 miles (approximately 30 minutes)

What to Bring:  Water for you and your dogs, shade equipment, bug spray, suntan lotion, lawn chair, whistle, flat buckle collar and leash, rain gear and boots if needed, and your lunch.  Please pickup all trash and take it home with you.

Volunteers are needed for the following:  Marshals for each stake, person to bag birds for the judges, live-bird gunners, people to pop/throw the dead bird for each stake, equipment luggers, grounds person to oversee parking and post/remove the signs, someone to pickup lunches for the judges, and a test dog for each stake that isn't running.   Call or Email Kathy Heintel Kathy@tlcdogs.net to volunteer!

For all concerned - make sure your dog has had gun fire, bird boys in white coats, and is picking up ducks before the competition.  No cigarette butts thrown on grounds. All dogs must be on leash in parking area and when being aired. No dogs permitted in the gallery or near the line except the competing dog. When dogs are running, please do not walk around in the gallery, avoid loud talking and do not wear white.   Any of these can be very distracting to the dogs and the contestants. Please drive slowly on the Farm 5 mph, park only where designated and only air dogs where designated. This is private property.

Results and Photos:  Results will be Posted on the chessie web site as soon as possible after the event.