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Trophy Donations

Your support of the National shows are a big part of their success. Please give generously by sponsoring a class, award, or donation to the general fund. Please contact the Trophy Chairman directly if you wish to donate an item as well.

Contact the Trophy Chairman

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Trophy Donations


Every effort will be made by the volunteers to keep the list of available classes current. As payment is received the dropdown menus will be edited to show a class is no longer available.

All names of those who placed donations prior to March 1, 2018 will be listed in the event Premium List (PL) and the show catalog. Donations made after that date and before May 30th will be listed in the show catalog.

Pay by check or Paypal.

To pay by check please email the Trophy Chair with your class selection, name, address.

During Paypal checkout use the box "Instructions to the Seller" to state how the donation is to be listed in the PL and Catalog. Example, "John Q Publix, Big Lot Kennels", or "In memory of......". All instructions subject to editing.

Paypal keeps track of our inventory. During checkout Paypal will alert you if an item is no longer available as it is sold out. Please select another class to sponsor. Sold out items will be removed from the dropdown menus as soon as possible.

Would you like to donate to the General Fund? Just click the DONATE button here!

Having an issue checking out using Paypal? Contact


Trophy Categories

Dog - Regular Classes
Bitch - Regular Classes
Dog - Non Regular Classes
Bitch - Non Regular Classes
Puppy Sweepstakes
Veteran Sweepstakes
4 - 6 month Puppy Competition
Obedience - Regular Classes
Obedience - Non Regular Classes
Obedience - Non Regular Classes
Obedience - Non Regular Classes
Rally Classes
Agility Standard
Agility Standard Preferred
Agility Jumpers
Agility Jumpers Preferred