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Show Chairperson: Patty Martin 614-403-0567 or

Agility Chair: Dawn Logan 724-244-4885 or

Obedience Chair: Cat Weil 513-648-0055 or

Rally Chair: Cat Weil 513-648-0055 or

WD, X, Q Chair: Kathy Heintel 440-543-6923 or

Hospitality Co-chairs: Karen Beste 302-540-7967 or and Mel Phillips 571-345-5167 or

Catalog Chair: Susie Royer 719-213-8360 or

State Baskets: Ann Law 443-252-0592 or

Triple Crown Versatility Challenge: Gina Downin 301-254-8222 or

Need volunteers: Merchandise Chair, Trophy Chair, Judges Hospitality, Auction Chair, Banquet Chair

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